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MUST SEE!  Set up on a hill on College Highway, Birch Ridge Apartments provide easy access to all major points in Western MA, as well as Connecticut  . . .from a beautiful country setting.  Call for your appointment today.



Please contact us or call us at 413-746-9846 with any questions.  Fantastic one bedroom apartments start at just $650.  Larger, upgraded units are more.  Thank you for your interest.


59 College Highway

Southwick, MA

Hilltop Living . . . A great place to call home!


Birch Ridge apartments

Moved into this newly renovated apartment and since I am a single woman on my own the apartment was perfect size. New wooded cabinets, wood floors, beautiful tiled flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. The grounds are well kept and beautiful scenery of fields from the parking lot. I appreciate and respect the property managers because they work hard for their tenants and make sure everyone's satisfied. I would recommend this place to anyone!